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The next phase in NFT evolution

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The great NFT storm of 2021 is here & trade volumes in NFTs have seen an unfathomable growth in the 2nd quarter of 2021 as the NFT craze continues to the moons.

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Staking - NFTSOL token holders can stake their tokens to participate in the NFT IDO launchpad, also makes u eligible for NFT Drops.

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Our upcoming NFT Marketplace, featuring exclusive artist drops, offers collectors the opportunity to discover and invest in works by emerging and established talents.

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We strive to have transparent NFT Drops for our community based on predeclared t&c. You might have to perform some whitelist tasks as per project requirement.

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NFT VAULTS: Our NFT Vaults will have industry leading security. By staking NFTs on our platform you earn NFTSOL tokens, along with your peace of mind.

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NFT SWAPS: We will be coming up with our first ever in Industry NFT Swap which will enable a market place, where community can barter NFTs.

Backed by KCC MemePad:

KCC Memepad has a strong community of 25,000 of most enthusiast crypto investors and supporters. By having them as our strategic advisor we will have a guiding force throughout our journey, IDO and beyond.

KCCM team will support us technically, for marketing and help us taking important decisions for the future of our project.

Looking forward to their powerful marketing strategies and technical expertise along with their continuous growth approach for the best of the project, IDO and beyond

$NFTSOL Token Information

DNA (Decentralized NFT Access) - NFT SolPad will have TWO tiers at inception which makes it easier for community to participate in this innovative way of purchasing NFT’s before they are listed on NFT marketplace behemoths like as Opensea, Rarible and so on! By holding NFTSOLs you will be guaranteed an spot to purchase NFT during each DNA Events.

Presale Price

1 BNB = 2,400,000 NFTSOL

IDO time

1:30 PM UTC | 12th Sep'21

Maximum Supply


Supply at listing


Initial market cap


Token Ticker





NFT SolPad Tiers

NFT SolPad will have TWO tiers at inception, which makes it easier for community to participate in our innovative DNAs (Decentralised NFT Access). Each NFTSOL tier holder will have a guaranteed buying spot.

  • MegaSol Tier
    5,000,000 NFTSOL
  • GigaSol Tier
    10,000,000 NFTSOL

Deflationary at Core

The deflationary mechanisms of NFT SolPad includes
a 10% fee on all token transactions & early unstaking fees of up to 15%


Fees distribution

  • 4% of fees will go into a ‘NFT For People’ wallet, which will be used to purchase & AIRDROP FREE NFTs to lucky tier holders.
  • 4% of the fees will be rewarded to $NFTSOL Holders.
  • 1% of the tax will go to burn, thereby reducing the total supply.
  • 1% will be dedicated to a charity wallet which will be donated periodically.

Early unstaking Fees

  • A fee might get levied for an early unstaking event, with the maximum burn fee of up to 15% of your tokens. The minimum cooling period for unstaking is 14 days after which NO FEE will be imposed on unstaking.


A helping hand from the Metaverse to the Universe.

We often envision to make the world a better place for everyone and technology has surely a role to play here. The next phase of evolution is making a charitable donation using cryptocurrency.

This has a two fold benefits, one it forward a helping hand in changing someone's life and second it helps promote the freedom thus generated by cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. The donations will be transparent and will be announced in our official handles.

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